Maheswari Shunmugam, is currently a part time English Language lecturer at UiTM  Shah Alam and Consultant. She has been involved in the English Language Teaching for more than 29 years at all levels and all ages in a variety of environment.  She has served as program manager, author, lecturer, curriculum writer for colleges and universities, for Government and private ELT learners. She has been part of the team to co-ordinate the UK- MALAYSIA teacher training programme. She has also handled various education and development research activities and authored a series of Grammar books for primary school teachers. A keen interest in education and  community activities has led her to present papers at several places including  Malaysia, the Phillipines, New Delhi, Japan and   the United Nations, New York. Targeting specific needs and implementing courses to meet the requirement enables participants reach the desired academic level as quick as possible under her tutelage. She has been awarded the “ EXCELLENCE ” merit certificate  for her contributions to the teaching of the English Language  by the Ministry of Education  Malaysia  and other awards of  PPN , PJK  for her role in the Community .