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Spiritual Skill: Today’s Managerial Leadership Critical Competency

This article does ring a bell. While much has been said about the so-called scandal, PWC’s report finalised, tabled in parliament and made public though, the issue is far from over.

Looking at the issue in light of the managerial leadership aspect, the much talked scandal has negated the applicability of Katz’s model on managerial skills.

While Katz’s conceptual and technical skills can be likened to the pedal and the rear wheel that drive a bicycle, the human skill can be likened to the front wheel. The latter dictates whether the rider reaches his destination or otherwise. The analogy implies that human skill is paramount in ensuring managerial effectiveness.

The present business environment where businesses are run at the speed of thought and are boundaryless, the much debated scandals like PKFZ, BMF, ENRON, Arthur Anderson etc. etc. (and the list goes on and on and on) however, have challenged organisations to look beyond Katz’s.

In today’s environment, Katz’s will only be complete and balanced if both aspects of ‘outside-in’ and ‘inside-out’ human competencies are nurtured into managerial leadership. Human skill needs both the essence and the soul to make it complete and balanced. Otherwise, it becomes hollow. Such emptiness turns employees’ commitment meaningless, vision/mission statements into corporate decorations and corporate governance a mockery.

Human skill requires both to keep knocking on one’s conscience from within. This is spirituality – this is spiritual skill. Spiritual skill provides the true context and meaning of subservience, loyalty, integrity, accountability etc and the continual consciousness of the ultimate concern.