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Motivational Tips to Ponder

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Finding Time To Say “Thank You”

I have always received feedback from participants attending my training programmes that saying thank you is fairly easy and it comes quite natural.

I challenged by asking them if they still owed their spouses thank you for their first night they had together, despite having been married for many many years.

Almost immediately, I could see everyone were staring at me with a smile. A look that say nothing else but, “You got me!”

Did I proved them wrong? The answers can only come from the participants.

The point I am diving is that saying thank you isn’t that easy after all, especially so when that person is too close to you. By being too close, one can be very assuming.

This article and this response are worth pondering. Is there any lessons learned here?

Very often, managers are too busy doing their own things and expect the subordinates and co-workers to understand them. Their excuses have always been that they have more important and urgent things to attend to. Little did they realised that their subordinates are observing their behaviours as they contradict themselves. Didn’t managers always stressed in their company speeches, that the most important assets in the organisation is their human capital (people)?

Should managers be continually reminded to find time to say thank you to their co-workers? Should it takes outsiders to trigger managers’ thought to say thank you to their deserving co-workers?